Editing content uses the same, or very similar forms as the Add views. For a Document, you see the title and description at the top, then the tags, then the body. You see the same word processor-like user interface to change the body. For an Image, you see the title, description, tags, then a button to change the existing image – to upload a new version of the image or an altogether new image. The edit view for a File is exactly like that for an Image: there is a button to upload a new version of the file or an altogether new file. The edit view for custom content types is what you expect, following this general pattern.

After an item of content has been added, you may choose View, Contents, or Edit:

- View - the item in normal view
- Contents - a list of contained items (empty if there are none)
- Edit - the Edit form for the content item

View and Edit views are straightforward counterparts. The Contents view is dedicated to showing a list of contained items, but it is more than that, offering several “power” features.