Searching by Keywords

The general site search is always available for standard keywords searching, which works as you probably expect that it should. The word or phrase is searched in titles, description, and in the body text, and matching content items are then presented in a search results list.

For the fruit stand website, we should expect to find a number of content items when we search for a general word like “fruit” and we do:


Searching by Clicking on a Tag

In the normal view for a content item, if you click a tag, the website will be searched for items that have been tagged with the clicked tag. Here we have visited the page for pineapple, and we see that it has been tagged with the “Tropical” tag, for the tropical fruit category.


We know that several other fruits were also tagged with “Tropical,” such as kiwi and avocado. When we click the “Tropical” tag on the pineapple view above, a search is done to find items sharing the “Tropical” tag: